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Why Elementum?

Optimized investment strategy

Independent inventory

The safest country for storage

Control of the use of funds

SSL secure online system

100% guarded 24/7

100% insured

100% customer ownership

Definitely more precious metals

Why physical precious metals?

Financial experts point out that the best stores of asset value are physical precious metals such as gold and silver. Therefore, precious metals offer a unique hedge against inflation. They have intrinsic value, carry no credit risk and are non-inflatable, meaning they cannot be printed again. In addition, they have "coup insurance" against financial, political or military upheavals.

  • because historically, in periods of political crises and war conflicts, people always hoard gold
  • because for more than 4,000 years it has represented the world's convertible currency and protected against political and financial imbalances. Gold is real money!
  • because in times of rising inflation it protects and preserves the value of assets investment gold in physical form is very liquid, unlike money, which with time becoming less and less valuable
  • the demand for gold is increasing more and more, as it is being bought by the central banks of countries and they supplement their gold foreign exchange reserves with it
  • silver was used as money for thousands of years (in ancient Egypt it was more valuable than gold due to its rarity). In times of crisis, it has always represented a safe investment haven
  • the supply of silver is decreasing and is too small for the growing needs of the market, so silver is one of the most desirable industrial metals
  • the demand for silver has grown extremely due to the transition from fossil fuels to a green carbon-free society (solar panels), the transition to electromobility: silver-ion batteries, the production of chips in electronics, ...
  • the ratio between the price of gold and silver is decreasing (in 1991 it was 1:100, now it is 1:76)

Initiator and founder

Bojan Pravica

Founder Elementum

Born in Slovenia, Mr. Pravica has lived in Germany since 1973. For more than 30 years he has been working as an independent entrepreneur in various areas of the training of financial service providers, as a seminar leader in Germany and abroad, initiator and developer of financial companies with exclusive products in the real estate, insurance, securities, mutual funds, fund policies, and special product offerings in precious metals. 

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