At Elementum, pursuant to the values, employees attend a wide range of financial literacy training including a focus on the trends in precious metals, communication skills, technology, project management and efficient time management. The purpose of the education is for colleagues and contractual partners to become even more competent and skilled in their chosen fields.

Sharing knowledge and experience

The Elementum Academy was created to educate clients and the broader public. The Academy offers a set of educational modules in precious metals, assets consultancy and general business knowledge, family wealth management, and the financial literacy of children. The Elementum Academy is intended for both existing and future contractual partners, precious metals investors and other stakeholders who need additional education in asset creation, as well as a more in-depth understanding of family wealth management. Participation at the Elementum Academy will offer precious metals market information and practical knowledge about asset management.

The Elementum Academy consists of three sets:

  • precious news,
  • books, e-books, and
  • educational videos.

Using news, books and video content to stay abreast of current developments

The Precious Newsletter informs clients about the current global financial situation and the situation in the of precious metals market, once per week.

Elementum have self-published five books, two of which are related to the subject of gold (“Generation Gold”, by Jürgen Müller, and “Liberty Through Gold”, by Dr Hans J. Bocker), and two on the subject of silver (“Conspiracy of Silver”, by Dr Hans J. Bocker, and “Save your Wealth – Buy Silver”, by Thorsten Schulte). The fifth book (“Two Men from Gorenjska and their Thoughts on Savings”, by Marko Juhant and Pavel Rihtaršič) provides a broader perspective about the management of family wealth, and also extends to raising children.

Online publications provide an in-depth explanation of precious metals market events. Elementum have prepared several online publications, including e-books on gold and silver (Gold - a timeless currency, Silver - a strategically important precious metal), brochures (Investing in 15g silver investment ingots; Protect your wealth and maintain your purchasing power through savings in gold), and convention materials for the Congress of Precious Metals and Raw Materials. Educational videos are the newest addition to the Elementum Academy, encompassing content-rich video recordings about the financial system, gold and silver, as well as broader financial and business-related knowledge. One of the leading managers of the German Central Bank talks about the importance of gold, while Lukas Reimann’s video talks about the Swiss Better Gold incentive system. Also available are videos on silver as the metal of the future, as well as a value keeper, and educational videos on why gold and silver bullion are a reasonable and wise investment.