Initiator and founder

Born in Slovenia, Mr. Pravica has lived in Germany since 1973. For more than 30 years he has been working as an independent entrepreneur in various areas of the training of financial service providers, as a seminar leader in Germany and abroad, initiator and developer of financial companies with exclusive products in the real estate, insurance, securities, mutual funds, fund policies, and special product offerings in precious metals. 

Dear customers,

Allow me to share some preliminary observations obtained over 35 years of experience in financial consultancy throughout the EU.

I’ve discovered that most people still don't have the right information on how to make the best use of the advantages and benefits of an extremely successful investment strategy when it comes to building, optimising and protecting their personal and multi-generational family wealth.

Money has played three important roles throughout human history: as a currency, as a medium of exchange and as a store of value. Ancient texts found in the Babylonian city of Talmud, dating back to the 4 th century, mention that every person should divide their wealth into three parts: one third for real estate, one third for goods and one third for money. The extraordinary message of this rule lies in its simplicity, clarity and universal nature.

The rule and the diversification of risks when it comes to investments were therefore already well-known before antiquity, when sustainable development, efficient optimisation and the greatest degree of asset security were discussed.

What is the situation today?
The most prestigious and renowned financial experts in the world have long been drawing attention to the issue of printing currency without coverage, explaining that the best value keepers are physical precious metals, such as gold and silver.

Professor Dr Hans Bocker, the internationally renowned author and a well-known German entrepreneur, was known for his extensive professional knowledge of precious metals investment. According to him, the so-called “three-sector strategy” was the only investment strategy that had always been successful throughout the centuries, and that was used by the most influential and wealthy people for over 1,600 years.

The current definition of investment strategy, according to Hans Bocker is: one third real estate (land, fields, forests, building plots, apartments, houses), one third in monetary investments, private companies and securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), and one third in metals (precious metals, technology metals, industrial metals). Such a financial portfolio would consist of two thirds capital investments and one third financial investments.

Physical precious metals account for one third of a multi-generational family treasure. Due to the requisite higher security, they are stored in a Swiss vault providing a higher level of security and extremely efficient protection in the event of a diminution of personal fortune resulting from a monetary policy of negative interest rates by the European Central Bank, as well as the loss in purchasing power of the euro. 

Savings in physical precious metals provide efficient protection against losses and the fall in prices taking place in other capital markets (real estate, stock markets). Investing in physical precious metals is not only the best and historically verified asset protection, precious metals also provide realistic expectations for future price increases. Even though there are no guarantees for such a forecast, investments in physical gold and silver will definitely have an extremely beneficial influence on the financial safety, protection, independence, freedom and wealth of an individual. In addition to the aforementioned safety and very promising potential for the future increase in prices, precious metals also provide excellent liquidity and the legal possibility of realising untaxed profits for natural persons, using additional tax incentives, and benefits for legal persons.

At Elementum, we are aware of the high degree of responsibility and level of mutual trust investors expect, which is why we foster the highest ethical operating standards when it comes to our business relationships. 

Our motto is “Unquestionably More”. We provide:

  • indispensable information,
  • a higher level of financial security,
  • real value,
  • higher amounts of physical precious metals,
  • greater profit realisation, and
  • greater liquidity.

We provide every customer with acomplimentary consultation,advising them of all costs, risks and opportunities when purchasing precious metals. In addition, we also inform them about the advantages of a strategic approach to constructing, optimising and protecting their assets with our innovative 7-star Elementum Strategy which has been developed especially for private investors and entrepreneurs, and is based on the three-sector strategy adapted for the modern context. The three-sector strategy is currently used by the majority of wealthy people all over the world.

When translated into practice, our discreet and above all transparent service, means that we provide each and every client with a competent personal advisor. I would recommend that every family, company, cooperative, association or fund that is feeling responsible for their financial security, assets and wealth, to trust and invest in physical gold and silver as the best value keepers in history.

The 7-star Elementum strategy in Slovenia is trusted by over 50,000 investors: join them!

Bojan Pravica
Visionary, Financial Advisor, Founder of Elementum