One of the golden rules for successful protection is definitely the appropriate height of the protection. It is understandable that sufficient liquidity, preservation of well-being and protection of financial security from the negative consequences of various risks can only be successfully ensured if the share of physical precious metals, which serves as protection, in the assets is large enough.

The secret of wealthy people in building, optimizing and protecting assets originates in the more than 1600 years known and proven "Three Sector Strategy". The success of this strategy is based on the diversification of risks into various forms of investment (land, forest, real estate, securities, mutual funds, cash, own company and precious metals, etc.), as well as the realization of profits from highly valued investments and the reinvestment of financial assets in other currently undervalued forms. The three sector strategy has proven to be the most reliable and successful investment strategy. As noted by the well-known expert Prof. dr. Hans Bocker "The three sector strategy has never failed".

Throughout history, physical silver and gold have proven time and time again to be reliably the best store of value and the most successful in maintaining purchasing power. Therefore, the proportion of assets in precious metals is recommended in the amount of at least 1/3 of the total assets.

When building multi-generational family treasures, Elementum enables very flexible purchase options that are adapted to each individual's financial possibilities, both for larger and smaller monthly purchases under ideal investment and family discounts in protected and insured vaults outside the banking system, in another country - Switzerland.