At Elementum, we are aware of the high degree of responsibility and level of mutual trust investors expect, which is why we foster the highest ethical operating standards when it comes to our business relationships.

Our motto is “Unquestionably More”. We provide:

  • indispensable information,
  • a higher level of financial security,
  • real value,
  • higher amounts of physical precious metals,
  • greater profit realisation, and
  • greater liquidity.

We provide every customer with acomplimentary consultation,advising them of all costs, risks and opportunities when purchasing precious metals. In addition, we also inform them about the advantages of a strategic approach to constructing, optimising and protecting their assets with our innovative 7-star Elementum Strategy which has been developed especially for private investors and entrepreneurs, and is based on the three-sector strategy adapted for the modern context. The three- sector strategy is currently used by the majority of wealthy people all over the world. When translated into practice, our discreet and above all transparent service, means that we provide each and every client with a competent personal advisor. I would recommend that every family, company, cooperative, association or fund that is feeling responsible for their financial security, assets and wealth, to trust and invest in physical gold and silver as the best value keepers in history. The 7-star Elementum strategy in Slovenia is trusted by over 50,000 investors: join them!